How to Import an SVG into Fusion 360

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Fusion 360 |

Recently I was trying to 3D print a complex logo. My plan was to draw the logo shape in Fusion 360, extrude the logo into a 3D form, and then 3D print it. I had the logo in SVG format and, given its complexity, I did not want to try recreating the logo from scratch in Fusion 360; it would have been quite difficult and time consuming. So, I started looking up ways to import an SVG file into Fusion 360 so that I could use the SVG file as a sketch.

But, I found very little useful information online. There are a few random tutorials and forum posts, but they are all outdated. The buttons these tutorials said to click simply do not exist in the current version of Fusion 360.

After some time spent poking around Fusion 360, I finally figured out how to import SVG files into a sketch so that they can be used to create three-dimensional shapes. The process is not difficult, it is just a bit frustrating to figure out. I hope this short tutorial helps you avoid this frustration.

Importing an SVG into Fusion 360 as a Sketch

  1. Create a new design in Fusion 360.
  2. From the menu at the top of the screen, under Insert, select Insert SVG.
insert SVG menu item

Under Insert, click Insert SVG

  1. In the Insert SVG dialog box, click the folder icon to browse your computer for the SVG file you wish to insert.
  2. Choose a sketch plane on which to place the SVG.
choose sketch plane

Choose a sketch plane

  1. Move the SVG into the desired position.
move SVG

Move the SVG into position

  1. In the Insert SVG dialog box, click the OK button to finalize the SVG importation process.
click OK

Click the OK button

  1. The imported SVG file acts just like a sketch. You can extrude the SVG sketch or work with any of the other Fusion 360 sketch tools.
extrude the SVG shape

Extrude the SVG to make it three dimensional

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