Using the Particle Android SDK

Add the Particle SDK to your Android Project The very first step in getting your Android app to interface with the Particle Cloud is to add the Particle Android SDK to your Android project. This is done the same way that you would include any other dependency in your...

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Fixing Unstiched Models in Fusion 360

The Source (Literally) of the Problem When designing 3D models for 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC work, or almost any other purposes, there are a number of great resources for downloading models of common parts other people made. For example, McMaster Carr provides...

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Use SVG Nest to Minimize Laser Cutting Cost

Creating compact designs is critical for saving both time and money on laser cutting projects. But how do you optimize your designs to minimize their size and maximize your laser cutting dollars? In this post, I will show you how to use a free, open-source tool called SVG Nest to automate the process of packing your laser cutting files into the smallest possible space.

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Hexapod Inverse Kinematics Equations

Hexapod Leg Layout and Leg Parts Controlling hexapod robots requires the use of a type of mathematics called inverse kinematics. This post contains all of the inverse kinematics calculations for a hexapod robot consisting of a hexagonal body with six legs spaced...

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7 Tips for Using the Form 1+

Use a lever to detach models from the Form 1+ build platform When you print items on the Form 1+ using support material, which you likely do for the vast majority of prints, the PreForm software automatically generates support structures, including a kind of raft...

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A Gallery of Form 1+ Prints

The Form 1+ uses stereolithography rather than fused filament fabrication (FFF). Instead of taking a plastic filament, melting it, and pushing it through a little hole onto the build platform like most desktop 3D printers do, the Form 1+...

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How to Import an SVG into Fusion 360

After some time spent poking around Fusion 360, I finally figured out how to import SVG files into a sketch so that they can be used to create three-dimensional shapes. The process is not difficult, it is just a bit frustrating to figure out. I hope this short tutorial helps you avoid this frustration.

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